“Viral Visions – deconstructing art immunity”

Erasmus+ / Adult education / Partnerships for Creativity

Meeting: Carcassonne /April 2023

2 2 – 2 6 AV R I L 2 0 2 3



The workshop : “ART ID inside ME & Trust Building”
Concept and running: Agata Życzkowska
Everyone has a little bit of the artist inside themselves. The important thing is to be able to find your place in the group. In this workshop, Agata Życzkowska invites you to recognise yourself through a short performance and then to come together as a group through movement, voice, integration and poetry exercises.

BODY ARCHITECTS/ Vienna / Austria
“HOW TO VIDEO ?” is a workshop designed for those looking to enhance their artistic and educational projects with audiovisual media on a budget. The workshop will cover the basics of video production and podcasting, from creating content to publishing and marketing it for maximum impact.

L’ESPACE/ Palermo / Sicily
The Workshop will be based on preliminary work of Zhineng Qigong (the Qigong of Wisdom) specifically the technique called: La Qi Guan Qi Fa (method for expanding and thickening energy) which enables participants to experience the concrete perception of energy as substance, and creates the preconditions for listening to subtle perceptions, promotes the resolution of all tensions both at the joint, muscular and mental levels.

The workshop : “Improvisation”
Improvisation is a common practice in the learning and creative processes of contemporary dance. The art of improvisation is transposed to everyday life for everyone, and for the most adventurous, can become an art of living. The relationship to the immediate geographical, social, cultural and sensory space is at stake here and implies an openness to the to the unknown as a motor of movement. Vigilance, patience, spontaneity/sincerity, liveliness, bounce-back, even virtuosity, inspiration are qualities that the improviser calls upon in the “game” of life.

MALA AKADEMIJA / Ernestinovo / Croatia
Workshop : “sevengardens“
Croatian Artist Milica Reinhart Tešanić invites on a journey through the beautiful world of creating color in nature. In the “sevengardens” workshop you will be shown ways of extracting color from plants like cabbage and beetroot for use in art. Learn from examples, mix and experiment, nature is your paint and canvas! Join us and test positive for the art virus!

THEATER DER KLÄNGE / Düsseldorf / Germany
Together we’ll discover the Laban movement analysis to generate, shape, remember, compose, observe and reflect dance. You will first get an introduction to the 6 parameters, then a space and time for improvising together.


ARBEIT UND LEBEN/ Düsseldorf / Germany
The workshop : Aesthetic Mapping
The method of aesthetic mapping aims at opening up subjective observations of the living environment, identifying informal places or invisible barriers. In this workshop we will explore the space around us and create our own maps based on sounds, patterns, feelings. Through the maps, different perceptions and realities of life within a common space (district) become visible and discussable within a group.



Presentation of the project
Viral Visions – Desconstructing Arts Immunity
From 2020 onwards, following the Covid 19 crisis, actors in the arts have been labelled as non-essential to the system.
Following this impressive and depressing observation, which was made during the containment and whose effects still persist today, the partners of the project Viral
Visions – Deconstructing Arts Immunity – want to strengthen the presence of the arts, which is more than ever necessary for society and its citizens, especially in crisis
The project aims to raise awareness of contemporary artistic processes and new forms of mediation while tapping into the enormous creative potential of each individual. The knowledge of the partners will be broadened and enriched by common experiences, but also by linking the different national and regional backgrounds. As artists, they want to find answers to the question of how to gain a new audience for their digital works and performances. The project aims to shed relevant light on, and even sketch out answers to, this question by first systematising the partners’ individual questions on the basis of their specific cultural environment. The aim will be to make a selection of good practices that show how art and creative activities provide tools and new perspectives for building resilience and innovation, as well as creative expression and skills development.

The project “VIRAL VISIONS” is focusing on activating the debate around professional relevancy discussion in the context of the pandemic, around the question of ephemerality of artistic stage productions within a communal policy and the difficulty to access to new audiences.
It will also aim to raise the awareness for artistic processes methods and artistic trainings in order to transfer it into adult education training programs and to trigger the huge creativity potential of citizens of all age.
Therefore the Partners’ knowledge will be extended and enriched by common experience as well as by diversified national and regional differences.

Project „Viral Visions – deconstructing art immunity” funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme

Partners: Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS NRW e.V. Düsseldorf, La Galerie Chorėgraphique Carcassonne, L’espace ASDC & Zappulla DMN Company Palermo, Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’ & HOTELOKO movement makers-Warsaw, THEATER DER KLÄNGE / Düsseldorf, Body Architects – Spartenübergreifende Interdisziplinäre
und Bühnenkuns – Vienna, Mala akademija umjetnosti Ernestinovo