“SOLARPUNK / In.To.Da.Te.” / HOTELOKO movement makers / Poland Concept and choreography: Agata Życzkowska

Collaboration: Mirek Woźniak

Performance: Agata Życzkowska, Mirek Woźniak, Karina Szutko, Maciej Feliga and Marta Paleczna, Katarzyna Powalska

Work in progress: Weronika Floraszek, Hanna Moroch

Production: Foundation for the Development of Theatre ‘NOWA FALA’ Partners: Ochota Cultural Center OKO, Praga-Południe Cultural Promotion Center, L’espace – centro choreographico/Palermo

The performance is the result of activities within the European project In.To.Da.Te. in the Erasmus+ Program.

Fot. Adriana Liwara

Solarpunk is an artistic movement that is particularly thriving in literature, fine arts, design, architecture, fashion, and activism. The idea of the performance by the HOTELOKO Movement Makers collective, consisting of Agata Życzkowska, Mirek Woźniak, Karina Szutko, and Maciej Feliga, is to introduce this movement into the world of contemporary dance and performance. Solarpunk is an artistic movement that envisions how the future could look if humanity successfully integrates technology with nature. It is one of the few positive and hopeful visions of the future in the context of the relationship between technological development and the natural world. In this vision, civilization and nature exist in harmony, mutually supporting each other. The future may involve reusing and upcycling what already exists. Not only “smart cities” are important, but also smart citizenship. Humanity ceases to dominate nature and becomes its friend. This is a thought that deepens the idea of sustainable development in the world. We are Solarpunks because we are trying to reclaim hope. The “Punk” in Solarpunk represents rebellion, counterculture, post-capitalism, post-colonialism, and enthusiasm. It moves in a direction different from the mainstream culture. The “Solar” in Solarpunk refers to the sun and symbolically represents a belief in harnessing clean and renewable energy for the transformation of the world.

Fot. Marta Ankiersztejn

Solarpunk embraces the diversity of cultures, religions, abilities, genders, gender roles, and sexual identities. Solarpunk is comprised of a young maker culture, local solutions, and the creation of autonomous systems, not only technological but also ecological. This is how our love for the world manifests.

We are no longer rulers of the Earth. We are its caretakers. We are gardeners.

SOLARPUNK is the power and driving force to wake up from the world of dreams every morning.

SOLARPUNK is the upward energy that enables harmony.

SOLARPUNK is savoring the madness.

SOLARPUNK is art without falling into extremes.

SOLARPUNK is the key to being authentic, in harmony with oneself and others.

SOLARPUNK is a motivator for development and movement.

SOLARPUNK is multi-layered nourishment.

SOLARPUNK is the wind in our hair.


SOLARPUNK is the answer.

SOLARPUNK is everyday.

SOLARPUNK is victory.
SOLARPUNK is a moment.

SOLARPUNK is oxygen.

SOLARPUNK is triumph over fear.

SOLARPUNK is as soft as a plush teddy bear.

Fot. Adriana Liwara

AGATA ŻYCZKOWSKA – Choreographer, dancer, actress. A graduate of the Acting Department at the State Higher School of Film, Television, and Theatre in Łódź (2001) and postgraduate studies in Cultural Diplomacy at Jagiellonian University (2021). Founder and president of the Theatre Development Foundation ‘NOWA FALA’ (2009) and the HOTELOKO movement makers collective. With the collective, she has created numerous dance performances, including “frau / mujer/ femme,” “Moi przyjaciele tańczą,” “Absolutely Fabulous Dancers,” “Darklena,” “Insta Show,” “Axiom of Choice,” “Extinction: REplay,” “LUXA,” and “SOLARPUNK.” She has received scholarships in the Mobilni w Kulturze program in 2020 and 2021, as well as an artistic scholarship from the City of Warsaw for 2023. Agata has been awarded for the performance “Absolutely Fabulous Dancers” at the Quartiers Danses Festival in Montreal (2019) and for the performance “Axiom of Choice” at the Sopot Theatre Consequences (2020).

KARINA SZUTKO – Dancer, choreographer. She participated in four Erasmus+ programs: “Dance Highways,” “Viral Visions-deconstructing art immunity,” “Innovative Tools For Dance Teachers (InToDaTe),” and “Contemporary Dance for Sustainability and Inclusion-CODASI.” Since 2018, she has been a co-creator of the HOTELOKO movement makers collective. Karina was involved in the performance “Insta Show” (2018) and collaborated with Agata Życzkowska on the music for the performance “EXTINCTION” by the HOTELOKO movement makers (2021). In 2022, she participated in the new version of the performance “Extinction: REplay,” presented in France in Carcassonne, at the Lekuz Leku Festival in Bilbao in the Basque Country-Spain, and in Düsseldorf during the internationale tanzmesse nrw at Theater der Klänge. Currently, she is participating in the performances “Solarpunk / In.To.Da.Te.” and “LUXA.”

MIREK WOŹNIAK – Dancer, vocalist, musical actor, choreographer, performer, educator. He received a nomination for the XVI Jan Kiepura Musical Theatre Awards for Best Dancer (category other dance forms / 2022). A frequent participant in the International Ballet Festival in Miami. Mirek is a workshop participant under instructors such as Barbara Sier-Janik, Ewa Głowacka, Henryk Jeż, and Iwona Olszowska. Co-creator of the artistic collective “Kompania Primavera” with Agata Życzkowska. Since 2019, he has been co-creating the HOTELOKO movement makers collective with Agata Życzkowska, with whom he has realized four performances: “Absolutely Fabulous Dancers,” “Axiom of Choice,” “Extinction: REplay,” and “SOLARPUNK.”

MACIEJ FELIGA – Dancer, performer, actor. From a young age, he danced classical, contemporary, and competitive dance in various styles. He attended the Theater Studio at the BAZA Theater led by Tomasz Zadróżny. Since 2023, he has been a member of the HOTELOKO movement makers collective, with whom he co-created the performance “SOLARPUNK” conceived and choreographed by Agata Życzkowska. The show was presented at the U:NEW Dance Wave Festival in Warsaw and at the Festival Internazionale Dissidanza in Palermo (2023). He collaborated with Dawid Żakowski on the productions “Balladyna” (2020) and “FEferdydurke” (2021). Additionally, within the Association for New Art, he realized the performance “Hamlet.motion,” which transformed into the production “Hamlet in Motion” (2023). Maciej is also interested in social media and marketing, and privately enjoys traveling and pursuing his passions, such as costume design.

MARTA PALECZNA – actress, performer, trainer in public speaking, and interpersonal skills. She holds a degree in Psychology with a specialization in Personality Development and Law from the University of Warsaw. Connected to theater and acting for over 10 years, she has primarily engaged in the activities of independent and experimental artistic groups. Between 2018 and 2021, she was involved with Teatr Inaczej as an actress and playwright, staging original theatrical performances in Warsaw, Krakow, Szczecin, and Kielce. Her play “Zobaczymy” won first place during the seventh edition of the START Student Theatre Festival. She had the opportunity to participate in the international theater project EDERED, workshops at the Studium Teatralne in Warsaw, and GAGA movement led by Adi Weinberg. She draws inspiration from the practices of OPT Gardzienice and the movement of Pina Bausch.

KATARZYNA POWALSKA – dancer. From 2011 to 2021, she actively participated in the Serock theater group “Kolektyw,” taking roles in various productions, including “The Smallest Ball in the World” and “Bleee!,” which was presented at the VI Ogólnopolski Festiwal Teatralny OTE (VI National Theatre Festival OTE). Later, she was involved in the Legionowo musical group “Dell Arte,” where she played a role in the musical “Ale kosmos.” In 2023, she attended dance workshops at the Stołeczne Centrum Edukacji Kulturalnej im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej in Warsaw. She is fascinated by the artistic world, particularly passionate about theater, film, and photography.