The final day of the Viral Visions project in Düsseldorf. Presentation of performances and dissemination of the project.

24.05.2023 – 18:00 – Venue: Junges Schauspielhaus in Münsterstraße 446, 40470 Düsseldorf.

One of the performance will be LUXA.

LUXA / Agata Życzkowska 

Concept and dramaturgy: Agata Życzkowska

Choreography and performance: Agata Życzkowska & Karina Szutko

 work in progress

Production: ‘NEW WAVE’ Foundation / HOTELOKO movement makers collective

Project implemented as part of the Artistic Scholarship of the Capital City of Warsaw 2023


“Viral Visions – deconstructing art immunity”

Erasmus+ / Adult education / Partnerships for Creativity

The project aims to raise questions among European partners from Germany (leader), Poland, Croatia, France, Italy and Austria.

Players of the artistic field got stamped and stigmatized as NOT relevant to the System – that is the most impressing picture that was painted during the lock down due to the Covid 19 situation since the start of pandemic measures and is still ongoing.

Is being said that Arts and culture, artists and art education are not relevant for the system!
We ask our selves if this is true? And we confirm that this claim is certainly wrong!

Project „Viral Visions – deconstructing art immunity” funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme

Partners: Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS NRW e.V. Düsseldorf, La Galerie Chorėgraphique Carcassonne, L’espace ASDC & Zappulla DMN Company Palermo, Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’ & HOTELOKO movement makers-Warsaw, THEATER DER KLÄNGE / Düsseldorf, Body Architects – Spartenübergreifende Interdisziplinäre
und Bühnenkuns – Vienna, Mala akademija umjetnosti Ernestinovo