Dancer, composer. She plays the piano and the guitar. She dances  in the New Folk companie. She took part in contemporary dance workshops led by Weronika Pelczyńska, Karolina Bartoń, Julia Adamczyk, Kamila Kwietniewska, Maria Colusi, Silje Solheim Johansen and ballroom dance workshops with Stefano Terrazzino. She participated in the project “Familly Affair” by the Italian collective ZimmerFrei as part of the Warsaw Dance Scene run by the Ciało/Umysł Foundation (2015). She takes part in regular Broadway Dance classes led by choreographer Magdalena Jelonek. European Champion in Carribean Show category (Lyon 2017), World Champion in Latin Show category (Sarajevo 2019), Polish Champion in IDO National Championships (Ossa 2020 and Raszyn 2021). She has twice won the first prize in the contemporary and jazz/modern dance competitions Solove 2020 and Solove 2021 at the Youth Palace in Warsaw. Since 2018 she has been working with the HOTELOKO movement makers collective. She participated in the performance “Insta Show” (2018) within the project of the Centre for Dance Art in Warsaw, choreographed by Magdalena Przybysz and directed by Agata Życzkowska, which was selected for the programme of the Polish National Institute of Music and Dance “Stage for Dance 2019”. She was a participant in the workshop “Pass the dance on” led by Dawid Żakowski, Ewelina Sobieraj and Agata Życzkowska (2019). She performed in the performance “EXTINCTION” by Agata Życzkowska (2022). Together with Agata Życzkowska she also created the music for this performance. Currently, a participant of the “Dance Highways” and “Viral Visions” projects within the Erasmus+ program. She is the author of the HOTELOKO movement makers logo and the Viral Visions logo.