HOTELOKO movement makers collective

Concept, direction, dramaturgy, costumes: Agata Życzkowska

Choreography: Mirek Woźniak / Agata Życzkowska

Performance: Agata Życzkowska / Mirek Woźniak / Karina Szutko

Music: Agata Życzkowska / Karina Szutko

Partners: Centre for Culture Promotion Praga Południe, BAZA Theatre, Other Space Foundation

Premiere: 22.10.2021 / RE:WORK 25.06.2022

Duration: about 30 min.

HOTELOKO movement makers



Our tournee “Dance Highways” to Bilbao and Düsseldorf is co-financed by the capital city of Warsaw and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute

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EXTINCTION / Agata Życzkowska

Blue choreography for three bodies. An optimistic look at the future of our planet. Some of us will survive. The performance touches on the theme of the fear of disappearing from this planet and how to survive by acting as a group.

EXTINCTION: extinction, disappearance, annihilation, extinction, extinction, extinction, extinction, extinction, extinction, extinction of movement. Colours evoke physical reactions. Blue has calming properties. Colours affect our body and allow us to combat various undesirable states, including fear. Blue makes us happy. It soothes high temperatures. Reduces appetite. Quenches thirst.

Disappearing or extinct from our world: telephone booth, internet café, VCR, cobbler, playing on a whisker, walkman, clockwork, floppy disk, abacus, caps game, corsage, Caspian tiger, Taiwanese mist panther, Amur leopard, Javan rhinoceros, dusky shark. The latest update of the Red List of Threatened Species indicates that 31 plant and animal species have become irretrievably extinct in a single year. Unfortunately, it is estimated that up to 8 700 species disappear from the planet every year, as the extinction of a species is not formally recognised until 20 years after its living representative was last observed in the wild. More than 40 000 animal and plant species are currently threatened with extinction. Disappearance shatters the workings of ecosystems. On the brink of extinction are koalas, lemurs, squid. However, there are also winners: the bison, the grey seal, the moose. When will humans be on the brink of extinction? How can we stop the extinction of our world?

Agata Życzkowska’s performance was produced as part of the ‘Mobilni w Kulturze’ programme with funding from the City of Warsaw.

The performance was presented in France in Carcassonne (February 2022) as part of the ‘Dance Highways’ dance conference financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme, as well as at the Lekuz Leku Festival in Bilbao, Spain/Basque Country (June 2022) – co-financed by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the City of Warsaw. The performance will be presented in September 2022 at the Tanzmesse in Düsseldorf at the Theater der Klänge, as well as at the 2nd edition of the International Movement Festival U:NEW in Warsaw.