• Transnational meeting, 24 – 25 February 21, Carcassonne, France
  • Workshop, 10 – 16 May 21, Palermo, Italy
  • Workshop, 10 – 16 December 21, Warsaw, Poland
  • Transnational meeting, December 21, Warsaw, Poland
  • Transnational meeting, March 22, Carcassonne, France
  • Workshop, April 22, Tromsø, Norway
  • Transnational meeting, June 22, Bilbao, Spain
  • Workshop, August 22, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Transnational meeting, August 22, Düsseldorf, Germany


Dance Highways is an European project bringing together six European creative dance partners such as: Espace ASDC from Palermo, Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’ from Warsaw, Theater der Klänge from Düsseldorf, Dansearena nord from Northern Norway, hosting a workshop in Tromsø, La Fundicion from Bilbao and La Galerie Chorégraphique from Carcassonne.

This international project, supported by the European Union within Erasmus +, will aim to develop and implement up to September 2022 an EU transnational mobility calendar for seminars in order to share good practices and ongoing professional training sessions for contemporary dancers.

The project will focus on developing and enriching the ways in which dance know-how is transmitted to the most vulnerable people and in partnership with local players in the Xields of health, personal care, education and integration; Creative dance, is a discipline which contributes transversally to the development of the personality and enabling the individual to gain autonomy, self-conXidence creativeness as well as helping him/her to develop an understanding of his/her immediate environment and to enrich his/her corporal language on a daily and lifelong basis.

From February 2021 to September 2022, there will be 5 two-day transnational meetings and a total of 5 Xive-day workshops. These will bring twelve international experts from six countries together for intensive exchanges of the international artistic experiences as well as offering 25 days of training to 18 professional dancers members of the six European countries of the Dance Highways consortium.

Because of the Covid crisis, the artistic production ofXice and leader of Dance Highways, La Galerie Chorégraphique, has postponed the Xirst transnational meeting scheduled for September 2020. Unless otherwise ordered, the face to face meetings will take place on the 24th and 25th February 2021 in Carcassonne. The only exception will be the Norwegian partners, who have not yet been allowed to travel outside their country since March 2020, and who will join in the meetings and exchange via digital communications.