She was born and lives in Warsaw. Director, dramaturge, dancer, choreographer, actress, dance promotor, educator, manager and producer. Graduate of the Acting and Movement Department of the Film, Television and Theater Universtity in Łódź/Poland (1997-2001). She complited her studies in the field of Cultural Diplomacy at the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the Institute of European Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (2021).


Photo: Marta Ankiersztejn / Anna Ciupryk / Karolina Jóźwiak / Pat Mic



She participated in many workshops with Nadia Kevan, Ray Chung, Michal Sayfan, Michael Getman, Daisuke Yoshimoto, Claire Heggen, Yves Marc, Lina do Carmo, Thomas Leabhart, Akira Matsui, Raúl Iaiza, Eugenio Barba, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Sean Palmer, Abani Biswas, Jairo Cuesta, James Sloviak, Bruce Myers, Toshi Tsuchitor.

She is the president of the Theater Development Foundation ‘NEW WAVE’ – Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’ (since 2009), under whose wings she has implemented over 30 artistic, educational and social projects as a producer, coordinator and manager, as well as an artist and educator.

In 2011, she founded the HOTELOKO Theater (since 2016 the HOTELOKO movement makers collective), where she has realized over 20 cultural, educational and social projects as an actress, director, playwright and performer. She collaborates with the dancer and choreographer Mirek Woźniak: “Absolutely Fabulous Dancers” and “Axiom of Choice”, as well as with Magdalena Przybysz „My friends are dancing”, „Insta Show”.

In 2016-2019, director of the project Dance Art Center in Warsaw. In 2011-2013, she cooperated with the Body / Mind Foundation as the coordinator of the Body / Mind Festival and producer and promotion specialist of the Warsaw Dance Stage project. She also participated in the artistic projects of the Body / Mind Foundation: she was a co-producer and casting director and a performer in the Polish version of the performance “The SHOW MUST GO ON” chor. Jérôme Bel (2011), she took part in the “Family Affair” project by the Italian collective ZimmerFrei from Bologna (Anna de Manicor) as performer and made an original film as part of the project “21 Artists for the 21 Century” (2020).

Actress in the season 2002/2003 and an award for her performance of Venticelli in Amadeusz directed by Waldemar Zawodziński, in which she also was the director’s assistant, and a team award during the I Festiwal Prapremier festival in Bydgoszcz in 2002 for Rodzina Wampira directed by Paweł Szkotak (where she also worked as the director’s assistant on this show).

Former Editor in Chief of the social and cultural periodical RAZEM. Świat w naszych oczach [TOGETHER. The world through our eyes] (2003-2007).

She ran a number of educational project for youth in collaboration with Magdalena Przybysz and Dawid Żakowski.