The Theatre Development Foundation ‘NOWA FALarticipating in the European project – CODASI – Contemporary Dance for Sustainability and Inclusion. We have just had our first meeting in Brussels, Belgium, hosted by our partner Dame de Pic.

Here are some details about the project:
The CO.DA.S.I. project (Contemporary Dance for Sustainability and Inclusion) represents a step forward in the quest for greater inclusivity and sustainability within contemporary dance, and aims to create an exchange of knowledge and good practice to enable the development of tools between European countries. The project is structured around two central concepts: inclusivity and sustainability. By inclusivity, we mean practices that enable the community of people involved in dance to be enlarged, thereby encouraging wider access to dance, regardless of the origin or situation of each individual, and enabling audiences to be diversified. Sustainability, for its part, is understood here in a broad sense, taking into account human aspects (preserving the physical and mental resources of artists), economic aspects and environmental aspects (respecting natural resources). The central objective of the CO.DA.S.I. project is to enhance the proficiency of dance teachers and professionals. This objective is pursued through the implementation of an inventive methodology grounded in the choreographic philosophies cultivated by the project partners. By drawing upon the diverse expertise and artistic visions of these collaborators, the project strives to craft a curriculum that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of dance education.

The organizations implementing the CO.DA.S.I. project are:

Dame de Pic Asbl / cie Karine Ponties / Brussels / Belgium

La Galerie Chorégraphique / Carcassonne / France

L’ESPACE APS/ASD / Zappulla DMN Company / Palermo / Italy

<span;>Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’ / HOTELOKO movement makers collective / Warsaw / Poland