8.10.2018 h. 7pm. PREMIERE

Performance “frau blush”

Venue: Dance Art Center in Warsaw / Dom Kultury Kadr / Warsaw / Poland

Concept: Agata Życzkowska

Choreography: Wojciech Grudziński

Performers: Wojciech Grudziński, Katarzyna Kafel, Agata Życzkowska

Choreographic cooperation: Magdalena Przybysz

The performance was created thanks to co-financing of the capital city of Warsaw

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Media partner: portal, TVP Kultura, RDC, e-teatr, miesięcznik TEATR, Teatr dla Wszystkich, TANIEC, Warsawholic, Notes na 6 tygodni, Going.

The performance was created thanks to co-financing of the capital city of Warsaw


Trailer frau blush

A dance performance engaging in a dialogue with the reality of the 21st century where the woman and her different faces are the subject of a debate.

It offers a view on femininity as told from a number of points of view. It talks about the significance of social roles that are inscribed to or assumed by us. The frau blush show is an attempt to touch upon the issue of how crucial are on one hand our self-image and, on the other, the image of ourselves we show to other people. What is the significance of a conscious mind and our focus in life and what is the significance of the subconscious mind and the behaviours we are trained to assume in the course of the socialization process initiated at birth. What impact do different social groups that we are part of have on us, and how do our own personal experiences and the path of life we are modelling for ourselves direct us? The show is a combination of performance art, contemporary dance and new choreography made up of different stories. Not only for women.

The performance contains nudity.

“What is your most beautiful experience connected with femininity?

How much of your mother do you see in yourself?

What terms do you associate with women?



flower, gaze, the pink hue of the dawn, cheek


flower: rose, avant-garde, elite, crème de la crème

gaze: point of view, vision, attitude, opinion, orientation

cheek: humiliation, faux pas, offence, insult

rosy cheeks: berries, chubby, dumpling, bun

pink: bright, positive, favourable, promising

to make someone blush, to blush

to feel ashamed or shy”.

Agata Życzkowska


“The women have a point”.

Wojciech Grudziński

The performance features a fragment of an article by Emilia Cholewicka "Balet jest kobietą. Rola płci w edukacji tanecznej i na rynku tańca. Perspektywa stolicy w kontekście ogólnopolskim” (in: Taniec w Warszawie – społeczeństwo, edukacja, kultura. Wydawnictwo pokonferencyjne Centrum Sztuki Tańca w Warszawie 2018, ed. Hanna Raszewska-Kursa, Fundacja Artystyczna PERFORM, Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’, Warszawa 2018).


Trailer frau blush