Concept and choreography: Klara Szela

Artistic cooperation: Agata Życzkowska / Mirek Woźniak

Photo and Video: Adrian Bystroń, Michał Borys, Aleksandra Włodarczyk, Dawid Wiecheć

Dress design: Karolina Buszczak

Music: Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufled

Coproduction: Theatre Developement Foundation ‘NEW WAVE’



The project begun in November 2020 inspired by the newest exhibition of acclaimed by the world public young generation’s polish artist Oskar Zięta. Exposition was organized in Krakow Gallery of Architecture GAGA MOS. Absorbing by their shine mirror surfaces, bionic constructionctions and organic forms are Oskar Zięba’s works’ hallmarks. Thanks to parametrical design method’s artistic objects and sculptures, inspired by forms mimicking nature gain material form in the process of ‘controlled’ loss of control. Based on steel shaping process using compressed air (FiDU), ‘INFLATING’ project was created, directly referring to the mentioned technology, and indirectly to an attempt of getting to know the author by experiencing and interacting with their work.

Thanks to FiDU technology cold steel gains original design and incredible durability, similarly a body in itself blank becomes unique thanks to movement. Thanks to one of Zièta’s work, ‘Tafla mirrors’, which makes real objects distort and bend, through reflections, effect of optical magnification and motion distortion can be achieved. Project’s same directly refers to name of the exhibition, due to the fact, that the idea sprouted during the vernissage and later, during and attempt to understand author’s intention. Zięta points out that the final form follows the production process. Performance ‘INFLATING’ in its form also follows it.

The process is to project a shape of a sculpture, internal flow of the objects energy (created by inflation) on which the attention is focused, mostly by the sense of sight and individual experiences related to seeing. The project is and attempt to answer the question – ‘Can one understand the author by interacting with their work?’ The search for the answer is based on the concept of process itself.

Fot. Aleksandra Włodarczyk


Dancer and choreographer: more info >> http://fundacjarozwojuteatru.pl/en/klara-szela/