Concept and choreography: Magdalena Przybysz

Direction: Agata Życzkowska

Dramaturgy and texts: Magdalena Przybysz / Agata Życzkowska

Performers: Magdalena Przybysz / Mirek Woźniak / Agata Życzkowska

Costumes: Anna Ciupryk

Production: Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’ /Theatre Development Foundation ‘NEW WAVE’

Partners: Adam Mickiewicz Institute / PROM of Culture Saska Kępa

The performance was created thanks to co-financing of the capital city of Warsaw

Polish premiere: 30.06.2017 / Warsaw / Poland

International premiere: 9.09.2019 / Montreal / Canada

Duration: 40 min.


„See me beautifull

Look for the best in me

For who i really am

And who i want to be

It make take some time

It can take some time

But see me beautifull”

Support from the COVID-19 Prevention Fund

Photo: Marta Ankiersztejn

The actress and the choreographer are looking at their artistic roots and their stories together, taking on the topic of education and identity. They try to identify what gives them wings and what brings them down.

All to the rhythms of the 1980s, Polish folklore, contemporary dance, classic dance influences and full of absurds made in Poland.  Absolutely Fabulous Dancers seek answers and inspirations in the past, in Polish history, everyday movement, body memory and performative tools. This way, the artists from the HOTELOKO movement makers create their unique, absurd and slightly bizarre dance style. It breaks down stereotypes and expectations about who the dancer should be. They are asking questions: What has shaped us? Where are we heading? Does anyone know what our lives would look like without the education that we had to go through? Do we have to wake up and unlearn everything we had to learn to go on? Can you find peace, despite the recurring story that comes back like a boomerang?