Performer, theatre instructor. Lives in Berlin. Graduate of the ‘Integrales Theater’(TATWERK Berlin), Theatre Pedagogy Department (Interkulturell Aktiv e.v. Berlin) and Literary Studies (University of Wrocław). Co-founder of the experimental theatre collective “club á l’ètranger” which produced, among other performances, the audio-visual performance Dissoziation (as part of the “48 Stunden Neukölln” festival), a performative reading EIN PROLOG as part of the Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2018 and an adaptation of Stärkere by A. Strinberg directed by Marianne Klausen at the Brotfabrik in Berlin. Co-founder of the DER LACK IST AB movement collective which runs cyclical artistic programmes (“der Lack ist ab I”, “Weltuntergang”) and which is involved in polemics with traditional forms of movement, and is exploring its own methodology of artistic and teaching work based on the butoh dance aesthetic, body art and physical theatre techniques. Kafel starred in an adaptation of Endstation SehnsuchtDurst by T. Williams, Roberto Zucco by Bernard-Marie Koltès, Salome by O. Wilde, Die Zoffen by J. Ganet directed by S. Nunez. Kafel also collaborated with the Warsaw-based HOTELOKO movement makers on the selfie / kiste / pudełko and frau/ mujer / femme performances.