HOTELOKO movement makers

The theatre/dance company was founded in 2011 by actress, director and producer Agata Życzkowska. At present, the artist co-runs the company together with choreographers and dancers Wojciech Grudziński and Magdalena Przybysz. They carry out artistic, educational and community projects combining the art of dance, theatre and performance art. The name “HOTELOKO movement makers” dates back to 2017, when the team came up with it during rehearsals for the Absolutely Fabulous Dancers performance. Other projects of the ensemble include frau/mujer/femme, #moiprzyjacieletancza, DARKLENA, Insta Show and frau blush. Together, they have conjured up a slightly freakish style. As regards the costumes, Agata Życzkowska is faithful to sequins which she dons in every show she performs in. The shine and sparkle is intended and it is best defined by the phrase: “I live inside a sequin ball”. The distinct feature of HOTELOKO’s artistic work is a combination of contemporary choreography, everyday movement with elements of the theatre, and the intention to engage the audience in the performances. Many of the scenes are co-performed by the spectators with the artists. The idea behind this approach is to diminish the boundary between the spectator and performer and a reversal of roles. The most important criterion endorsed by the ensemble is the criterion of the truth. Of most significance on the stage is the eye of the artist and the spectator that expresses the entire truth. On the stage, the HOTELOKO theatre exists only in terms of technique and craft but the ensemble is far from applying the theatrical art to put on masks. Sequins are not a mask but an expression of personality. HOTELOKO produces performances that touch upon reality and the dramaturgy of the shows is inspired by the contemporary world in Poland and abroad. The artists are most interested in topics such as community, freedom, the city, tolerance, gender equality and education. HOTELOKO is not permanently based anywhere. The artists work in Warsaw, collaborate with Berlin and other cities in Europe and across the world. The company collaborates with the Dance Art Center and the Prom Kultury Saska Kępa centre in Warsaw.