Dancer, producer, curator, contemporary dance instructor. Graduate of the Pedagogy Department and the Laboratorium “Nowych Praktyk Teatralnych”. Since 2008, a member of the Podlaskie Dance Association (in the years 2008-2015 as Vice Chairperson) which has to date produced numerous projects in the area of culture, including dance festivals. Vice-Chairperson of the Głos Foundation. Director of the Kalejdoskop Festival in Białystok (since 2007 roku). Director of the Hip Hop Groove Festival in Białystok (2008–2009) and the Free Mind Festival in Białystok (2010–2013). Co-organised dance-related events as part of the Kino Tańca Foundation during the SIC! Dance Improvisation Festival in Warsaw and as part of the Ciało/Umysł Foundation in Warsaw. Since 1995 Chitruszko has performed in many award-winning projects and performances produced by the Projekt Dance Theatre in Białystok, in the years 2000–2003 was a dancer of the Alter Dance Thatre in Kalisz. Currently collaborates and creates performances with Anna Piotrowska.