Join us for a workshop based on authentic movement and improvisation, focusing on themes of pleasure and relaxation.

FRIDAY / 28.06.2024 / 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Centrum Promocji Kultury Praga-Południe, Podskarbińska 2 Street, Warsaw


Free, no prior registration required

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This practice is intended for those involved in contemporary dance and working with the body. The idea of the CODASI project is to explore the strategies of artists, teams, and collectives working in the field of choreography and to develop methods that enhance sustainability and inclusion in dance and movement.


Conducted by:

AGATA ŻYCZKOWSKA – choreographer, actress, performer, and educator. A graduate of the Acting Department at PWSFTviT in Łódź and a scholarship recipient of the City of Warsaw. Since 2011, she has led the HOTELOKO movement makers collective, producing performances such as “frau blush,” “Darklena,” “Extinction: Replay,” and “Solarpunk.” She received an award for the performance “Absolutely Fabulous Dancers” at the Quartiers Danses Festival in Montreal (2019) and, together with Mirek Woźniak, the First Prize for the performance “Axiom of Choice” at the Sopot Theatrical Consequences (2020). Her performance “LUXA” has been selected for the Polish Dance Platform 2024. She builds her choreographies using authentic movement and identity. In her teaching, she seeks to find pleasure and relaxation in dance, which she shares with others.

Agata Życzkowska about her practice:

“This workshop is a special time for you, in which I invite you to discover pleasure through group encounters. It is a time where I want to share my practice as a tool that opens the door to the fascinating world of delight and tranquility. It’s a moment to escape from daily worries and immerse yourself in a world of sounds, group inspirations, and pleasant sensations. My intention is to create an atmosphere where participants can enjoy the community, savor the time for themselves, and discover new areas of pleasure that collective movement can provide. It’s a time when each person can immerse themselves in a sensual experience of enjoying life through movement.


During the workshop, I propose various forms of movement. I use methods based on improvisation, allowing participants to discover connections between body and mind. I combine elements characteristic of physical theater with dance improvisation and teamwork. During the workshops, I also explore the possibilities of the voice in an authentic way, allowing it to flow in the rhythm of body movement. Building trust within the group and working on team activities are key elements that enable better understanding of one’s body and voice in the context of a group of people. The movement I propose does not aim for perfection but focuses on building social relationships, opening up to others. I explore mindfulness, empathy, honesty, and authenticity, leading to relaxation and balance.”

During this meeting, we will also present partial results of our work on the CODASI project, invite you to movement practice and discussion. We are interested in social evolution leading to tolerance, and even broader, to acceptance and empathy.

The project “CODASI – Contemporary Dance for Sustainability and Inclusion” is a consortium of representatives from five European partners from Belgium, France, Italy, Serbia, and Poland, focusing on sustainability and inclusion in contemporary dance. The idea of the CODASI project is to exchange best practices and prepare a manual for those professionally involved in contemporary dance.

What to expect:

  • Presentation of the CODASI project – “Contemporary Dance for Sustainability and Inclusion”
  • Circle meeting
  • – Dance-movement practice with relaxation elements
  • – Discussion

For whom:

  • For those involved in contemporary dance:
  • Dancers
  • Choreographers
  • Dance educators
  • Dance theorists
  • Students of departments related to contemporary dance, experimental choreography, or other related arts
  • For freelancers working professionally in dance
  • For dance teams and collectives working in experimental choreography, dance theater, and movement improvisation
  • For others who work professionally in contemporary dance

Bring with you:

  •  Comfortable clothing
  • Water or something to drink
  • A phone or other device to complete the evaluation survey

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Production: Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’ / HOTELOKO movement makers collective

Partners: Centrum Promocji Kultury Praga-Południe, Dame de Pic/Brussels, l’espace/Palermo, La Galerie Choréographique/Carcassonne, Kultura Nova/Novi Sad

Funded by: The European Commission under the Erasmus+ program / adult education